Adventure Journey Treks

About Us

Adventure journey started its journey way back in 2010 with a limited budget with a vision of a great magnitude. A vision, of serving and providing authentic and genuine trekking adventure at, a low budget price. Established, under the government licensed trekking and touring company with team of professionals of the highest quality and technically expert in terms of complete trek destinations. Adventure journey caters to the journey ethics in adventurous manner but at a nominal low price without keeping the quality at a stake. For us adventure and journey are part and parcel of the same. As to try a hand on adventure you got to travel and prepare yourself for a journey, and if you want to travel you need a specific destination to reach out. As, no adventure is complete without, a journey and vice-versa. Though Adventure Journey Travels Pvt ltd might not be a famed house, but it is certainly a committed entity in terms of nominal priced travel company reaching you to the remote areas with sheer perfection and comfort. We are a solution provider too in terms of flexible travel too. Our tours and travel packages are carefully designed according to the customers’ availability and interest along with the price of their choice.

We have our head office in Kathmandu and operate as far as Tibet and Bhutan. We grant you best competent services at a budget price having a cutting edge over our contemporaries in the business. As a greater price is never a hallmark of excellent service and might not get the service of your desire and quality. We are well equipped with selection of our tour guides and make sure that they have a proven record of safety standards and technical abilities so that a visitor is safe and sound when he travels with our trademark name.

We always feel that it is better done than said. Speaking volumes about and glorifying the business and portraying a false scenario about the companies work ethics cannot be put to test unless it receives a satisfying goodwill feedback from the valued customers. Therefore we believe that several companies claim to be the best which is easy but unable to provide professional services. We invite you to put the claim to rest and experience the best designed budget holiday of your choice and interest, whether its trekking, mountaineering, wildlife jungle safari, river rafting bird watching, historical places of Nepal Tibet or Bhutan we have everything covered under the roof for you. Cling on to the outstretched hands of Adventure Journey Travels and enjoy the wildest of adventures with a smile with us.